Lykke Circular Needles 32 in.

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This size is for the magic loop loving peeps! Anything 32” (80 cm) or longer can be used to knit smaller items in the round with this magical technique! You can also use these for larger cowls, or the body of sweaters! Choose the size you need, and get knitting! Need multiple sizes? We also offer Lykke interchangeable sets!
The name Lykke comes from the Norwegian word for “happiness”, and boy, do these needles make us happy. The Lykke driftwood needles are not only beautiful, but functional as well. Lykke driftwood needles are lightly coated to help glide your stitches off your needles. The cords are made of flexible plastic with a bit of memory.
If you feel as though metal needles are too slippery, you may want to switch to wooden needles - they ever so slightly grip the stitches, so you don’t feel like they’re flyin’ off your needles!  
Things to note: These fixed circulars are 32 inches (60 cm) when measured from needle tip to needle tip. The needles themselves are approximately 5 inches (13 cm) long. Please ensure that you make note of the sizes in millimetres vs the US sizes, to make sure you purchase the correct size for your project.
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