ChiaoGoo Twist Red Cable Small (S)

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The flexibility you love about ChiaoGoo cables, in an interchangeable format. ChiaoGoo cords are super flexible, and memory free (meaning they don’t get stuck in one particular shape!) Not seeing the cord size you need? Grab a connecter and attach two together.
Works with: ChiaoGoo Red Lace Interchangeable Needles - SMALL (S)
ChiaoGoo Spin Interchangeable Needles - SMALL (S)
Sizes Available: Sizes range from 8 inches (20cm) to 50 inches (127 inches). Sizes listed are the length of the cable prior to attaching needles.  For example, an 8 inch cord plus 4 inch needle tips makes a 16 inch circular needle. 
Quantity: 1 piece
Things to note: PLEASE ensure you select the size that fits the needle and cord set you have - this cable will fit the small (S) needles. Use the key that comes with your cord or needles to tighten your cord and needle together, so they don’t come undone.
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